A trucker told me how to make the windshield perfectly clean with a cigarette

Many motorists have encountered the problem of windshield wiper contamination. It looks something like this: during the movement of the wipers, a trace in the form of water or oil streaks is left on the glass, which disappear a few seconds later. When using glass washers for the first time, I would like to offer this advice: Immediately replace the glass washer tank with a new one. Do not wait for the glass to clean, so that the traces don't disappear. The tank can be used up to 1.5 liters. of water. Do not use old antifreeze. It can affect the paintwork. Clean not the glass, but the dirt underneath. It is best to clean with a soft cloth, a napkin or a cotton swab. The clean look and feel good, as well as the cost effective nature of the method. I hope my advice will help you and save money. If so – then SHARE it with your friends in the social network. to learn new useful tips every day.