The fan has decided for you. Don't give in to the pressure and change the manufacturer's mounting. All models of the company Mercedes-Benz are unpleasant to look at

Concerns about the appearance of the car have become quite a lot more popular than the underlying technical condition of the car itself. Many drivers have become fixated on the color of the car, demanding that it drive perfectly, and nothing less. But how does the car really appear? Using a car color palette, you can get an idea of whether there are any problems in the design, and whether the car is really maintained in the best possible condition. In fact, the car is not very important to the person wearing it. The main thing is the driving style! But let's get to the point. Introduction To begin with, I will mention four car models that are still used by many car enthusiasts. This choice is not obligatory, but I will say it-these are the best available, and they are generally quite good. And do not take these models for granted, but use them wisely. If you do not want to bother the seller about the color of the car, you can select any color, although I would like to draw your attention to the fact that the price of such a car is significantly lower than the picture indicates. Actually, you can change the color of the car in the same way as you change the engine, although I would like to draw your attention to the fact that the car is considerably stronger than the picture suggests. So, here are the models, as of the date of publication of the current issue: Red Mercedes-Benz E W211 . This model has a powerful engine, which is available only in the standard or sport variants. The red color does not stand out against the background of other colors, and the car itself is very comfortable. The red car has an unpleasant smell that can not be ignored. This unpleasant smell reaches the cabin by the way of air conditioning in the cabin, which often stops at the double speed . So if you use this car, you need to know how to drive it correctly.